30poems – Day 3

Today it got warm outside, so we chose to teach outdoors.  Students wrote acrostic poems using their names as a launch point and they wrote beautifully.  My MICHELLE poem is somewhere on the desk in a huge pile of memories.  Instead, here is a contribution to narrative hot air:

I invite the participants in our workshop to try a bit of a body prayer. To visualize themselves as they were, as they are, as they will be.   Most breathe quietly and give voice to the present with Om, or Sighs, or Silence.

I invite them to gesture their presence, their motion, their stillness and most remain seated.  Breathing and wondering what the crazy lady “wants” them to do when she says “assign a motion to today and let it flow through your very cells and follow that impulse with your body and brain in harmony.”

I am so California, so woo woo, so delighted when one young woman unfolds herself and freefalls to her tomorrow.


Did I mention the other part of the 30 day challenge is to read a poem a day, too?

Read a poem about origami.


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