ADVENTure – Day 6

Well, the season is unfolding with the busy spirit that always seems to accompany the month of December in contemporary consumer cultural all-American life.  There is tree trimming, cookie baking, and the gift shopping.  Fortunately, we keep these things to a minimum and I can safely check all three off the list (though there may well be more baking, because these yummy cookies baked tonight may disappear too quickly).  Next up:  making and sending cards, wrapping up 2010 business issues, grading lots of papers, and an event or 6 to plan and smile through.

Still, there is a bit more attention to peace.  There is an instrumental version of an old carol coming through the speakers with layers of violins embracing the space now illuminated by the playful tree twinkle across the room from me.  The stockings are hung by the chimney and my Santa hat is out of storage and keeping my head warm tonight. So, to all, a good night, indeed!



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