ADVENTure – Day 7

A blessing of today was being present to amazing music on slack key guitar and ‘ukulele thanks to Patrick Landeza and Herb Ohta, Jr. They shared songs with such spirit and beauty.  We got to see them at our local library, and brought a bunch of friends to this event in our precious little town.  But, hey, it is well worth a trip (to Hawai`i?!? ) to hear these guys!  At the performance this evening there was storytelling, and dancing and people of all ages and backgrounds laughing, crying and swaying to the music.  A great night of community and inspiration.

At the end of the program, the familiar sounds of Silent Night started, as did the screeching screaming sound of a car alarm in the parking lot. We were singing along, and sort of laughing, too.  Because sometimes, in the middle of a poignant benediction, something ironic happens.  Like the last song of a touching holiday concert competing with the “security” of a motor vehicle.




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