ADVENTure – Day 11

There’s a recurring theme in conversations I’ve had this month – and it seems to revolve around issues of LIFE PURPOSE.  I love talking with people about where they are going, and where they have been.  I love the process of watching someone click with their calling.  Now, having these conversations is a big part of my professional life.  But I’ve been talking with folks who are neither students, nor clients on the same topic and find it interesting to see MYSELF and my life purpose with a different clarity, too.   It’s no wonder I’m not succeeding with my marketing and outreach strategies….that stuff is not my calling!  In 2011, I’m visioning more collaboration/trades/and a paid staff to manage that stuff (hopefully connecting with people who are gifted and enthusiastic about the work!).  I want to do the work I’m best at, and feel fulfilled in – the work of dreaming, creating and celebrating with people at their times of transition.  Teaching with passion… Giving words to meaningful times…Coaching for change and growth…

Of course, I’m also sense a call to be a glamorous guest laughing with Jon Stewart, sharing a witty story with Ira Glass on this American Life, and there’s the lounge act mistress of ceremonies gig that calls me to pull out the feather boa…

the minute I walked in the joint...

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