ADVENTure – Day 14

Everyone that knows me knows that the Boston Red Sox are my team.  I have been loyal through good times and bad.  Offering irrational hope to them each spring, and extending relentless criticism to players and managers a like during slumps.  And invariably holding a commitment to “wait til next year” when October comes around (give or take two very special years in this life time).

In recent years, I’ve also cheered for the Oakland A’s.   Even held a season ticket for a while.  Cheering enthusiastically for the “home team” unless of course the Red Sox were in town.  This fall, I jumped on the bandwagon, too as the San Francisco Giants seemed destined for the playoffs as the Red Sox and A’s were eliminated.  I bought a Giants T-shirt and cheered through the World Series…updating my facebook avatar to that effect.  I was a public fan, admonishing OUR foes to “fear the beard.”

Pitchers and catchers will report for spring training in another 68 days.  Advent waiting has many forms.  May loyalty, curiosity and a possibility of transformation prevail.

1st love


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