ADVENTure – Day 21

Good news.  Bad news.  It’s time for a media moratorium.  Just before Thanksgiving, we canceled the cable tv.   My intention was to cut way back on television watching, since 900 channels was meaning limitless entertainment distractions 24/7 merely a click away!  But without cable, there remain many ways to watch A LOT of shows, through the antennae, downloaded, and on DVD.  Today was a day with lots of news.  Good news, bad news, weather news.   Actually,  it’s hardly news – everything is packaged as entertainment, and I’m rather fed up.  I’m going to try and step away from it all for a while and see if I can cleanse the ol’palate, read the stack of books next to my pillow and stop the flashing pictures from distracting my sleep.

just say no!?


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