ADVENTure – Day 22

Preparing.  Waiting.  Ah, that is the task of Advent!  Who knows what will be?  What the outcome of planning and list making will ultimately look like?   It is said that life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

Humble reminder as an eclipse totally comes into focus tomorrow.  The sun and moon continue on a course, predictable and magnificent.  I am in orbit, spiraling towards a pattern of Christmas BahHumBug-ness but the cosmos will have nothing of it, reminding me with light and darkness, solstice, eclipse and the promise of each new morning

I have a multitude of choices on what direction each day will spiral in…towards fear or love.  Towards hope or despair. When each moment awakes, I decide how I give my time and energy to the world.  As I head off to bed each night, this writing practice is not at all what I wanted or what past writing practices might have predicted.   But I am slowing into the cycle of the sun today – preparing room for the life that happens when the planning is set aside and the moon fulfills her to do list with amazement.


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