ADVENTure – Day 23

Solstice, moon, eclipse, stars, hope, blessing new days.  A whole lot of celestial action.  People seem to be delighting in the “special” or even historic quality of this  seasonal occurrence.  For me, it’s always a sort of miracle that the stars dance, the earth moves and the sun shines…the awe and wonder conspire to take my breath away. Of course, living in a region where night time fog and city lights can obscure the nightly show in the sky, it is often a surprise when the night time twinkle fest takes flight.  The forecasters say we may be able to see the lunar eclipse in another hour and a half.  A break in the storms that have drenched the area with a promise of winter.

So we wait up, watching for the momentous heavenly passage of earth and moon and light and darkness.  Infinite views of the limitless luminous.

I wish I may, I wish I might...




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