ADVENTure – Day 24

Solstice has arrived and the intentions for this season of winter into spring includes a return to daily meditation.  I’m past due for such a tune up of the spirit!

In my teaching and coaching, it’s almost always a first assignment:  to take on a practice that will deepen the day to day.  Add perspective to the transition and transformation at hand.  Settle the mind so that what needs to come next will grow clear.

But mostly, I want to put an end to the incredible sense of annoyance that no one ever listens to this wise (and humble!) teaching I offer!   In wrapping up the season and the semester, I’ve been getting more and more irritated at all these people not following such sound counsel!  How dare they!?!?  How can everyone be so inconsistent, so non compliant!?!?

Yep.  Seems I caught up with my own short coming there and started putting it onto others.  Again.  Duh!  Some lessons are so much harder than others.  But I’m slowly…s l o w l y learning that when other people are pissing me off, it’s often because I am in fact the one not living up to my own humble wisest aspirations.

Oh I have the excuse that my schedule this fall was oddly unpredictable, and I can see that the season ahead should have more structure.  I’m also owning my own disappointment in myself…and naming the intention of clearing out clutter (much of which has gone bye bye in the past year of packing, moving and unpacking).  So, I guess I’m eager to release the clutter of stuff and the clutter of stuck thoughts, too.  Tis the season!

“point the finger at someone and you’ll have three more pointing back at you”?


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