ADVENTure – Day 25

In preparation for 2011, I was encouraged to make a list of 50 things I want to accomplish during the year.  And what a list it is!  Ambitious.  Extensive.  And already overwhelming.   Before the list turns into resolutions, there will be some editing.  I figure I need to approach my own goal setting and visioning with as much compassion and clarity as I would recommend to others.

In the past few days, some of the most perfect moments came in the form of activities that never would have made it to my to do list last December.   Watching the eclipse.  A leisurely chat with an old friend. Reading the final page of a well-written book.  The first bite of spicy noodles.  Singing along to carols by the light of the computer screen…over bean dip and sparkling beverages.  Throughout Advent perhaps it was predictable that I’d be noticing what’s already there and appreciating the moment when I’m in it.  It’s also been a difficult few weeks of feeling the lizard brain take control of the wheel and steer me into anxiety and worry.  For tomorrow, the to do list is jammed with activities to get ready for Christmas eve with family, but I know that the real preparation for the Holy Day has been underway for quite a while, in quiet ways.  All I need to do now, is show up.

goddess of compassion


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