Lenten Challenge – Day 1

Beginning.  Again.  With an intention to let the words out and let spirit in.  “My” experiment/excuse to make sure that each day of the Lenten season includes time for reflection and contemplation.  I’ve been doing this for (could it really be?) 11 years now, and every year, on the edge of spring, I find that beginning is hard.

Beginning on this Ash Wednesday when things feel anything but fresh and new.  Beginning on a day, within a month when there have been too many endings.   Beginning when the conspiracies of technology offer frustrating distraction from the writing, as I toil with links and formatting far beyond my skill set.  Beginning:  to settle down into the intention.  Words on page.  Attention to this day.  Beginning.  Again.

Writing Prompt

What are your intentions for the Lenten season?  Write a Mission Statement!  Keep it simple – 25 words or less.



5 thoughts on “Lenten Challenge – Day 1

  1. My intention is to discover my intention… sounds odd, but at this turning point in my life I feel lost and at the same time on the verge of a great new journey into discovering who I am and my place in the vast expanse we call life! Hopefully, I will post more than just this one time! Thanks for offering this opportunity Michelle!

    • @Yvonne and @Julie…thanks so much for sharing your intentions! it’s interesting to me how true it is that we’re all seeking and all in transition! I send you hugs and encouragement as this season unfolds!

  2. My intention is to focus better, breathe more, get organized, create spaciousness in my life, prioritize what matters most and let the rest go. (Bingo! 24 words! I’m usually more verbose than that, so happy dance.)

  3. begin
    with steadfast surety accepting the wavering as part of the stability
    centered alignment
    gracefully move forward
    accept and evolve
    be peaceful

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