Lenten Challenge – Day 2

My favorite teacher of “writing practice” is Natalie Goldberg who sets out some great rules in her books.  The basic idea is to take your intention and set a timer as you follow the prompt.  Get pen in hand and write. Without stopping.  Keep the hand moving.  Take the permission to write the worst crap in the world.  Don’t edit.  No need to cross out, or reread if you’ve got that permission to just be a bad writer.  Let go of control, go for the jugular, get illogical, messy and real with your words.

The purpose of writing practice isn’t to draft up the Pulitzer winning creation.  It’s about letting go of expectations and judgement.  Embracing the thoughts, feelings, words, ramblings, groans and guts that come up.  Practice is detached from the outcome, engaged with the moment.  Consider the rules a bit of structure allowing for the free fall.  Who needs the net when there is the practice?


Cast your own net....

Writing Prompt: I am letting go of…

Follow the rules for writing practice and write for 10 minutes.  If you feel stuckness, write the prompt down again, and keep the pen moving.


3 thoughts on “Lenten Challenge – Day 2

  1. I decided this year to embrace Lent as a way to reconnect with spirit and self. Part of this is to mindfully withdraw from distractions that are absorbing my time and energy.

    Personally TV is the biggest drain on my life. I can waste huge amounts of any given day to this one distraction. It has also the hardest habit to change.
    This 40 day period is a great way to recalibrate how TV fits into my life.
    So for the next 40 days I decided to restrict TV viewing time to one hour a day. If I have some free time, I want it to be spent reading/writing/meditating or sleeping. All activities that nourish me in some way.

    days is to restrict my TV viewing time

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