Lenten Challenge – Day 4

The bright morning sun wakes me on a day when I have the opportunity to sleep in.  The news of the world leaves me wanting to crawl back under the covers.

After midnight we’ll set the clocks ahead an hour, following the instruction to “spring ahead” with the saving of daylight that comes this time of year.   There isn’t time to go back to sleep.  There is soooo much to do.  The words of E. B. White about saving or savoring the world cross my mind.

Last year I shared this article about healing words following an earthquake that describes why I want there to be more creative writing….more poetry in the world.  Amazing how so much and so little changes over the course of a year on this fragile planet.  We share a need for grief, sorrow and release even as there is work to do to recover the simple hope that sustains us by doing what needs to be done.

Considering the healing power of words, invoking my own intention to let words out and let spirit in I offer the image of the poet who wrote “my heart was so close to this earth that trembled.”  As your heart leads you to save or savor the world today…both such good options when there is much to do…may there be a moment for words that heal.

Writing Prompts:

In the past three days, I felt a sense of wonder about—–
The simplest miracle I know is——-
Language is my———
A poem resonates with me when——–
If my words were tears, they would cry out for——–*
Follow the prompts and write as much you need to.  Let poems emerge or even a simple golden line or phrase.  Let memory and hope infuse your language.  Give thanks.

*Drawn from my favorite well-worn copy of “Finding What You Didn’t Lose:  Expressing Your Truth and Creativity Through Poem-Making” by John Fox.


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