1st Sunday in Lent – Gratitude Challenge

Perhaps you’ve heard that there are three kinds of people in the world?  Those who are good at math.  And those who are not.

Ba-dum ching.

When it comes to Lent, there are those who count 40 days, and those who count 46.   Depending on what you do with Sundays – or Holy Week.  On so many levels, I ought not be counted as an expert in any traditions of Lent.  I draw from an eclectic religious path that includes ample respect, curiosity and deep rooted personal need.  I have studied (some) and feel comfortable claiming a place in the lineage that sees this season as a celebration of the lengthening days.  I desire the practice of disciple to be a better person, to grown in mindfulness, compassion and service in this hurting world.  But I don’t give up chocolate (no way with this the all-too-short Cadbury Cream Egg Harvest!) and I am not a scholar of the many ways that people find meaning in the season.  I just know enough to get myself into trouble!

On Sundays through this Lenten walk of mine, the challenge will be to journal gratitude.  I suppose part of my decision to take this route is because I was not feeling very grateful yesterday, when more and more bad news kept coming from around the world.  But then…beautiful things.  The first day of little league for my nephew, and we got to be there cheering!  Great news of new beginnings!  Delicious treats!  Gentle encouragement when I felt a wave of sadness.  And today, the celebration with fine people of their newly renovated spiritual home.  Singing and dancing and sharing the blessings that coming together with fellow travelers seeking too, to live their most powerful and prophetic vision even when the path is not clear.
I give thanks for those of you who have taken a moment to comment here, as well as on Facebook, Twitter or phone calls!  I give thanks for the bright sky at 7pm and the roses and hugs that came my way today.  I give thanks for James Taylor and Carole King singing (just for me!).  And I give thanks for the possibility of doing this all again next Sunday.  And more.  Blessed Bee!

Writing Prompt: I am thankful for…



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