Lenten Challenge – Day 5

Sometimes the goal is too big.  Like running a marathon, tomorrow.  So we break it down into small chunks.  Like “buy sneakers” and “walk to mail box” before we endeavor to run 26 miles.  Sometime the goal is too vague.  Like “be happy” or “make a difference.”  And we end up frustrated and feeling like we’ll never accomplish what we set out to do as our wheels spin in the sand of enoughness.

Sometimes the goal is just the wrong one.  Like becoming a toy making elf because someone you like or respect or whose approval you seek said it’s what you must or even should do, even though in your heart you know you want to be a dentist.  

Most of my coaching clients have a goal that they’ve keep hidden for a long time.  Someone told them they couldn’t accomplish or have something at some point and they are seeking to break free from the limiting thoughts and behaviors that keep them from achieving their dreams.  With a little encouragement and a permission slip they shift almost imperceptibly at first.  The get the sneakers, tryout the new volunteer opportunity, test the waters of the deep end.  Enthusiasm washes over to do lists and things start to change more rapidly.

Then the stone in the shoe, the boulder blocking the path, the wall goes up somewhere inside.  Whatever it is – something interferes. The rain comes, and an outdoor run puts the marathon dream on the back burner.  The disappointments and distractions add up to a stalled dream.  Again.  And the questions like “what was I thinking?”  “who do I think I am to actually love my work?  or “write that book?”  It feels easier to stop or give up.  But that moment of stalling, seems to be the time when the work can actually begin.  When real and lasting change can start to take root. And when it comes to the writing intentions for a Lenten season, I’m aware that the first Monday could be a stopping point, or a starting point for actually getting into a spiritual practice that opens the heart and mind.

Notice the tiny cracks in the facade of words, and then poke around for the place to dig in.  This may not be easy, but it’s more satisfying than trying to please Santa.

Writing Prompt: I feel stuck with…. and I notice a shift when….

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