Lenten Challenge – Day 7

Hitting the wall, exhausted by a month of being and doing.  There has been much grief, much transition and much to keep busy with as life calls us to in this 24/7 society.  Today was a teaching day, and I saw many of the students I work with holding many of the same burdens.  Fear and loss and stress from all sorts of extenuating circumstances and massive challenges, let along the tragedies we see on the news.

When the spiritual tank is feeling depleted, when the inner strength is strained…how do YOU refuel?

On my way home today, I bought vitamins and enough groceries to get through to the weekend with some attention to nourishment.  I have a fresh stack of paper and my set of bright markers ready to create with (as soon as I hit “publish”).  And if things go according to plan, there will be a foot rub and some magazine mindless reading in my future to nurture the spirit.

But mostly, I just need to stop.  If only for a little while.  To breathe and imagine and cry and maybe even give thanks.  So here’s to a deep breath in….

resorting to this....

Writing Prompt:

But I’m afraid to stop because if I do then….


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