Lenten Challenge – Day 9

I spent some time yesterday looking at a two story yellow building adjacent to the water in San Francisco.  The top story was a bright school bus sort of yellow, with a pitched black roof shadowing two windows that were framed with a robins egg blue paint like eyes of a 1970’s teenage girl.  The lower level was more of a soft buttery yellow with a fringe of bright green shrubs hiding most of the concrete foundation on the west facing side of the structure.  I pulled out my set of markers and a clean page in my sketch book/journal, trying to capture the subtle shifts of light and shade, even though I’m not much of an artist and my perspective is untrained.

It was more fun than I expected, to sit near the water with nothing to do but notice and capture.  And it was exciting to let my mind wander as shapes came in and out of focus with no pressure to perform or accomplish.  No prophetic lesson, but a joy in resting and seeing in a new way when the sun is shining and the water sparkles.

Writing Prompt: I look out of my own way and see…

this wasn't the house but it's yellow...


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