2nd Sunday in Lent – Gratitude Challenge

The news of the world didn’t get better this week with more war, more radiation, more heartbreak filling the pages of the daily paper and interwebs.  I get overwhelmed and discouraged with a sense of powerlessness.   The writing practice continues, though, and even as I feel less than “satisfied” with the blogging while I whine through each day I have gratitude.  And, I am very thankful for the companions on the journey exploring ways of deepening connection to the spirit of the season through expression, trust and consistency.  I am so very glad to be part of communities that value love and peace and understanding.  And what a joy it is to know that most of the human community is capable of overcoming fear with a power of care through actions large and small that tilt the arc of the universe towards justice, compassion and hope.

This week I am thankful for all the colleagues who have come to work with the students I teach this semester.  Talking about things that matter, matters.  I’m thankful to the mechanic who tended to the power steering system of the car and to the amazing quiet that replaced the squeals when pulling into our parking space.  I give mega thanks to the good diva goddess gathering on Tuesday night in rainy San Francisco.  Meeting more powerful and empowering women entrepreneurs gives me inspiration, clarity and practical help with my own coaching and consulting work.  I am thankful for the clients I got to talk with this week who are building exciting new foundations for their joyful success, too!

I am thankful that no matter what the wind and weather seem to be saying, spring is here with a possibility of balance and a bright bouquet of family and friends to share it all with…

Writing Prompt: This week I heard myself…

Rite Here Now



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