Lenten Challenge – Day 10

Cape Cod.  I get nostalgic for fried clams, and that thrilling feeling of crossing over the Bourne Bridge and feeling home in my soul.  As much as I love where I live now, mid cape scenes appear in my dreams more frequently than anyplace else filled with memory, longing and some fresh salt air that is so very different than the Pacific breezes I am hugged by now.   There’s a geographic theology that makes no sense to the rational mind, but centered in the heart, knows things.  The quality of sunlight at daybreak and dusk.  The way to bear right at the Pancake Man, and perfection of outdoor showering when sandy toes and other parts need a scrubbing before the sunburn gets too hot to touch.   Cape Cod knows my hurts and healing places.  Not to mention the spot where that movie was filmed, one crazy summer or the location of Icma’s ice cream.  Returning requires ritual.  Acquire the salsa and chips  at Sam Diego’s drive past the compound and melody tent and make sure everything is in order.  Point at the office, the dinner spot, the bike path and the intersection where we considered smoking cigars til wiser considerations prevailed.

Writing Prompt: A holy place is…

if you're fond of sand dunes and salty air



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