Lenten Challenge – Day 11

The past week has been filled with activity in my sleeping dream life.  Have you ever had that happen?  For me it seems to be that times of transition are accompanied by lots of work in my subconscious mind when I think I’m snoozing.  There are snap shots of images, snippets of memories and flurries of plans all jumbled up yet terribly vivid, trying perhaps to tell me something.  Right now, I have no idea of what the lesson or message might be.  And I suppose it doesn’t really matter.  As spring time emerges and the season of Lent carries forth, I get to see myself and feel a part of the cosmic shifting where whatever growth is to come will come, without my controlling each detail.   My waking task is to keep on with the writing practice, and today’s reminder is simply to “lose control.”  As if I ever had any!

Writing Prompt: Just for today I am…





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