Lenten Challenge – Day 12

One of the rules for writing practice is “no thinking” and it’s a rule I try to take to heart!  My dear friend and acupuncturist Jenny offers the same instruction when I’m all filled with needles and on the table.  “No thinking,” she’ll say as she pads out of the treatment room.

No thinking!  No thinking!  No thinking?  Golly, what a hard thing to consider!  Oh, right, I’m thinking too much.  Time to not think.  Maybe if I count sheep?  Or is that thinking?  AURGH!  I AM thinking again! How can I stop thinking?  How can anyone in this rushing, fast-paced, to do list society possible cease the thinking function when there is ….DISTRACTION!  DISTRACTION!  What was that sound?

No thinking.  Practice.  No thinking.  Quiet.  Shhh.

Shhh.  No thinking.

Writing Prompt: I am not thinking….

don't poke the bear...




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