Lenten Challenge – Day 13

The [<—backspace] key on my lap top computer got jammed up last week.  Some sort of debris got caught and in the cleaning out process, I released a spring and couldn’t quite figure out how to recap it.  So for 6 or 7 days, I was not relying on my right pinkie to quickly correct all my mistakes.  Instead, I needed to navigate around every single typo.  Noting just how bad a typist I am, and paying attention to a new system of cursor, delete fixes, far more complicated than




Today, by the light of my office, I examined the parts flapping on the upper right hand corner of the keyboard.   And like an honors student with some elaborate aptitude test question to master, I over came my mechanical inhibitions and figured out how to match the teeny plastic circle thingy to the springy thingy and the square grooved thingy then somehow managed to snap the whole thing back on above the ]\ and voila!  I’m back to the routine of




and noticing how often it is that I’m backtracking on the things I start to say.  Noticing how different all the business writing (from reports to emails) is from writing practice, with pen and paper and no thinking.  My journals are filled with page after page of ramble, with no cross outs or edits of any sort.  I don’t worry about spelling or grammar or content.  It’s why writing practice has become so important to me.  Having a time and space in the course of a day to free up the inclination to go back back back and instead focus on the next upswing of the cursive on a blank page.

Writing Prompt: It was a mistake to….


gonna keep on moving forward...


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