Lenten Challenge – Day 14

This first week of spring (according to the calendar, not the weather) includes lots of planning.  Details for a little travel coming up.  Syllabus organizing for fall 2011 and spring 2012.  Event planning for my coaching and consulting work.  Outlines, workbooks, reading lists and itineraries.  As I balance my time and effort, I’m seeing how there are certain planning tasks that are interesting and energizing and as much (if not more!) fun as the end results…but there are other things…oh the other things…that I’d much prefer to delegate.  I can obsess about some details and enjoy figuring things out, but other minutia can push me off the deep end with frustration and anxiety.

I like doing things I’m good at – and do what I can to avoid the things that leave me feeling less competent.   Preparing a curriculum = juicy fun.  Negotiating conference space = hand me a Xanax.

The message grows clear this week…I need a bigger support team!  A way to be connected to the people who love the details, and for whom I can offer my perspective on forest and trees when it comes to planning landscapes of the mind.

Writing Prompt: When I am in my power I am…..

more power to ya...


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