Lenten Challenge – Day 16

Next week I get to travel for a few days and be on retreat.  It’s a trip I take annually, and the location is beautiful.  The people I get to be with:  brilliant and talented.  We will talk about important things, listen to theories and find inspiration in our time together.  This yearly adventure is a chance to escape from the day to day and immerse in a landscape and community that feels really special, because it is.

The getting there process is a big part of the thrill.  I’ll load up the car on Monday, travel a coastal route and make a stop for the night in a familiar one night a year place that gives me a warm feeling at the mere thought of snuggling in for the evening.  When I wake up on Tuesday there’s a final leg of the drive that includes ritual elements (stopping at Ralph’s super market.  Remembering and repeating the story of the year we overheard the woman and her lawyer on the phone call that echoed through the canyon…) and then the arrival into the retreat on sacred ground.

Writing practice is the retreat and the getting there.  A completely new and utterly familiar adventure, available every day. And now, it’s time to go.

Writing Prompt: On my way to__________________ I found_______________________.

On the road again...




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