Lenten Challenge – Day 18

Waking up in new places rearranges everything.  My tooth brush isn’t where it should be.  The shoes I packed aren’t the ones I meant to bring.  And you’d think that after 12 years in California I’d know better than to not bring a fleece!?!?  Layers, Michelle.  LAYERS!

But this is the joy of adventure.  Making due with what is, and noticing the differences between the common and the possible.  Being adaptable to what IS and allowing for new learning along the detours.  It is in the spaciousness of this “out of routineness” that I seek deepen the words and silence that Lent is coming to offer this year.  The adventure of the inward journey being even more treacherous than a chilly walk on a brisk spring morning.

Writing Prompt: What I need today is….

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