Lenten Challenge – Day 19

Arrived by the water yesterday in a town known for things completely unrelated to spiritual growth.  Think:  celebrities, beaches and excess wealth.  It is always good to be here because of the company I join for 48 hours of learning and ritual and commiseration.  I am overwhelmed with THINKING and it is good.

I think about connections.  Connections between beliefs and actions.  How “do as I say, not as I do” is a very bad model for transforming the world.  So, confession time:  I read trashy celebrity news.  Sometimes even pay directly for a magazine with nothing but gossip and innuendo between the covers.  I mock the rich and famous for their human frailty.  And freak out at the thought of being judged myself for my many flaws and sins.  I’m thinking a lot today.  And it’s not really fun.  But it is a growing discipline.  To get into better alignment as the Lenten Challenge deepens.  Alas, it’s not so pretty.

Writing Prompt: When I think about ____________I try to _________________


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