Lenten Challenge – Day 20

Half way.  If I count that 40 days of Lent.  It feels like a certain flow has come, give or take the ability of posting in a timely way – given travel and computer (in)competence.  I am reminded here at the midpoint how important writing is to me.  Not in the academic, or for-profit sense.  But in the spiritual sense that I long to express with the challenge, and in my day to day.

Still, I have longing and aspiration in the academic and for-profit sense, too.  Since an early age, I wrote stories and books (someone once told me I was writing before age 3…).  I get envious when I read many’a’best seller.  And obscure books, too.  I think “shoulda and coulda” a LOT.  I once entered a writing contest, comparing myself to a well-known author who rambles about her Bay Area life, wacky friends and spiritual foibles (I ramble! My friends are NUTS!  I’m in the Bay Area!) and mostly concluded in my essay that I didn’t like her, because she had the same life as me…and a book deal.

Writing brings up a whole lot of opportunities to feel petty, jealous, ugly, mean, crazy, confused and human.  I find myself facing the demons of “good enough, smart enough and will anyone really ever love me if I write that story based on the things I know best?”

So, half way into Lent.  The lessons of writing as spiritual practice, distinct from my lessons in the publishing world are on the front burner today.  I appreciate you (any one?  Bueller?) who read this rambling and accompany the writing practice discipline in structured or sporadic ways.  And if anyone wants to publish my other writing…oh yeah, I’ll take your call.

Writing Prompt: The story I need to share is….


green monsters, indeed

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