Lenten Challenge – Day 23

The work I do – as an advisor to theological school students and a coach to women in the midst of transition – tend to include a lot of planning, and then…letting go.  Articulating a vision, setting goals and then…releasing outcomes that we can’t control.  So why plan?  Well, I think that there is a power in being clear about where we’re headed.  Someone sets the intention to write and publish The Great American Novel.  We set goals of 3000 words a day.  A number of inquiry letters to send in a month.  A student wants to complete a degree program by 2014.  We have a grid of the number of credits needed each semester.

Then life happens.

The goal shifts.  The publishers decline.  The illness or failure comes into play and the original goal needs adjusting.  Maybe it was the wrong goal.  Maybe it’s a collection of essays and not a novel.  Maybe it’s the credentialing authorities who say no and a new understanding of what a “calling” sounds like that needs to emerge.  There is learning and letting go in all this.

A friend put it this way:  “Lent is easier when you’re only letting go of things you’ve pre-selected.”  Hence the inclination to “give up” celery…or raisins or something I won’t miss.  Instead the intention was set to let words out and let spirit in.  Well, muses and spirits and roadblocks and challenges:  Welcome All.  Time to write again.  That’s the goal.

Writing prompt: I’ve been meaning to…

we will get there…

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