Lenten Challenge – Day 24

The calendar has lots of “conference time” coming up in the next few weeks.  Three different communities for learning and schmoozing and all the stuff of expanding horizons.  Oops.  (glancing at calendar…) Make that four.  Now I’m overwhelmed.  That’s a lot of places to be, roles to fulfill, hands to shake and outfits to plan. One thing I am aware of is the difficulty of keeping to my writing schedule when I’m not at home and in my routines.   Even (or perhaps especially) when I’m out doing spiritual things, it’s almost as if the spiritual practice is the first thing to go.

write here now

I know that I’m not alone in juggling time and responsibilities.  Pretty much everyone I know has the same problem.  There’s one line of teaching in spiritual community that insists if you can’t squeeze in an hour to meditate…you ought to meditate for two hours.   With writing practice, if I find that setting 10 or 2o minutes for writing is too much, it’s

probably time to insist on carving out 30 or 40 minutes.  It always helps me reground and regroup.  And the busier I am, the more I need that.  So, it’s back to the pen and the blank page…again.

Writing prompt: When I give myself time….



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