Lenten Challenge – Day 25

Last week, during the road trip adventure, I got to spend a really warm night in a new town.  We arrived at this coastal community and unpacked, settled in, then adventured off for dinner.  Even though Yelp is the tour guide of choice for new places most of the time nowadays, we went old school wandering.  Walking from our perch with the view above the town to the waterfront area where the shops and restaurants we saw lots of signs for catch of the day and early bird specials.  Walking along the pier there were tourists and locals offering perspectives on the best places to check out.  But it was a warm night and the first place we tried was sauna like hot, so before we got menus, we left.  The second place closed at 7, and we arrived about 7:05 so, strike two.  Our walk then took us on a detour and eventually we landed at one of the few places open “late” and settled in for a great meal outside…under a patio umbrella just in time to watch the sunset.

It was good to remember the joy of wandering.  Seeing new places for the first time, and discovering a new place to return to next time we’re adventuring…

Writing prompt: Wow!  Look at that….

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