Lenten Challenge – Day 26

The Lenten Challenge continues.  Writing and reflecting and breathing into all that the season offers, which, thus far, seems to be more a shit storm of fury than a placid contemplation with unicorns and rainbows.  The earth is pissed off.  There is toxicity in the rain fall.   Hail and frogs and locusts…

This past year I tried three other writing challenges, and accomplished the goal of “completing” each one, yet am aware that not every post is worthy of the cyber space it takes up.  There’s a certain stuck, blah, ugh of a plateau (not that there are peaks to note at the other side) but at this point, I suppose, I’m at least a little comforted in knowing that I’ve written through the despair and still expect there will be some beautiful life moments on the other side.  So for today…it’s just the blahs, the blues and the blech.  The plagues of today will lift.  Probably.

Writing Prompt: Deep in the muck and mud of the world there is….


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