Lenten Challenge – Day 28

Since this is National Poetry Month, and I can’t shake my desire to democratize poetry as the healing helping force it is (in a world of critics) I’m thinking that I ought to “blog” about my passion for helping people pull the words out of their heads, through there hands and onto the page.  This writing challenge, and more than a bit of my vision for coaching individuals at times of transition has to do with the creative power at the root of this Lenten practice of  simply, letting words out and letting spirit in.   I KNOW that poetry saves lives.  It’s a really big deal to me.  Yet for some reason (like those dudes who mock the lamentations of lovelorn youngsters, criticize women’s voices or exhibit contempt for cultures other than their own) I get all squishy and quiet and ashamed and afraid, and hide my own commitment, knowledge and the clarity that WORDS MATTER.  Ugh.

I welcome encouraging words, affirmations and TESTIMONY of how writing…poems, prose, journals or whatever you write grows your soul and spirit.  It’s a calling and my vocation to figure out ways to tap into the hidden, silenced and scorned places and let those words and spirits shine….And it is not my work alone.

Writing Prompt: Read this then let a prose poem flow

My soul and spirit know….




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