Lenten Challenge – Day 29

Throughout these days of Lent, I’ve had moments of clear clear clarity.  Very very very brief times when all of a sudden, things make sense.  Of course, these occasions are fleeting and fast moving and impossible to hold when the fog rolls back in.  But knowing that clarity is even a remotely vague option keeps me going.

For instance, Mondays are not my favorite day of the week, but it occurs to me in that brief flash of clear wisdom, that I can make Monday a better kick off to the week by scheduling something AWESOME and inspiring early in the day.  Trick myself into shifting the Monday mojo from woe to Oh!  So I’m at my favorite cafe, with a double espresso and the to do list.  Feeling better already.   A small change, with BIG results.

I have studied motivation with some wise mentors and know that sometimes the surest way out of a rut is to do one teeny tiny thing differently.  Stretch instead of slouch.  Use pencil instead of pen.  Change the font.  Change your shoes.  It all helps change the attitude from stuck to stunning.

Maybe it’s the caffeine talking, but the possibilities seem endless.  And the horizon is clear…

Writing Prompt: Instead of writing using the tools of writing practice today…try these sentence stems and see what happens…

what blooms may come...

today I am…

yesterday I was….

tomorrow I will be…

when I…

then I…

and all will…

(repeat as necessary!)



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