Lenten Challenge – Day 30

Easter is approaching.   Past the midpoint of the Lenten time, between the clock changes for daylight saving and the emergence of spring allergies. I have some young people in my life who have enjoyed the movie “Hop” this season, and I am taken with the theological questions that are passed down through the culture to youngsters about what this time of year is about. There are some…interesting…. concepts to consider.  Somewhere between fish on Friday and bunnies pooping jelly beans.  Past the questions about death and life everlasting.  Throw in some baseball, matzoh and a handful of plagues and this can be a season of great confusion!

Easter always had a split personality to me – the happy candy hunting and the difficult crucifixion images did not make sense as “one” holiday.  And, quite frankly, I’m not sure if I ever heard an adult adequately explain the smooshing of the two together til I was in my 20’s…maybe 30’s.  And while I’m glad to share what I know (as a super educated adult on such matters!) it’s not every parent that would want their child to hear my version of the story.  Traditions are traditions and faith is a complex thing when it comes to living one’s values in the world.  So it will be back to the church of baseball for my facebook posts, though I’m truly between the history and hope of the season in the ol’writing practice.  The public and the private expressions of one’s deepest convictions has more than a little something to do with Easter.  For now, I’m wandering the desert figuring out a few things.

Writing Prompt: My wandering takes me…


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