Lenten Challenge – Day 31

Lent seems to go on for a really long time, and then all of a sudden it speeds up. Too fast!  Slow down!  I have so much to do still!  In planning to write more, with intention, I am finding there’s more to write!

I picked up Natalie Goldberg’s “Old Friend from Far Away:  The Practice of Writing Memoir” from the middle of the reading pile next to the bed last night and found myself wanting to go page by page with my writing pen and big blank sketchbook, and follow each exercise until I spilled out my words, guts and tears.   But it was late, and I was sleepy, too.  Robitussin takes the edge off of ambition like that.  But by morning light, the impulse remains to spew a lot out – and take the guidance of a book, in lieu of a live-in-guru to release it all.

The book includes lots of writing prompts that direct the eader/writer to “go” for ten minutes, following the rules of the oft mentioned writing practice.  But in chapters in between, she offers little “tests” to challenge the form a little bit.  Tests like this..”write for two minutes each on….

a memory of cabbage

some instance of a war

a cup you loved

a peace march you didn’t attend”

Got your mind racing yet and ready to write more?  That’s how I’m feeling…

Writing Prompt:  Write for two minutes about being tested, about cups or war or cabbage or peace.  Or write as long as you can about whatever you want.  Time is flying by.  Write all you can today!

write fast....

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