Lenten Challenge – Day 32

In addition to working through a40 plus day process of more disciplined writing and blog posting, I’m working on my websites that support my “vision” of a coaching and consulting career that supports others in transforming their lives in times of transition through deep conversation, challenging growth and ritual that helps to celebrate the inner and outer changes that come…

In some ways I find myself more clear in what I can do, and how I can help…yet surrounding myself in the world of words the messages get jumblier as I try to say too much, get too concerned with “marketing” and stray from what I know into the territory of what I could/should/ought to know.

So today my mission is about mission.  My simple statements of what I do.  I’ve led more than one workshop (a sly way of saying MANY) about the importance of mission in setting goals that are accomplish-able, motivating and serve the world.   Ah, why is it that the advice we offer others is seldom the advice we take?   Ok, off to kick my own ass today.

Writing Prompt:  If I could do just one thing…

and we will get there...

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