Lenten Challenge – Day 34

Pancakes with macadamia nuts are on the menu.  My nephew will be helping to create the recipe, stir the batter and do some flipping.  I’ll offer expert supervision.  And sip coffee like a pro.  We’ll listen to Jazz, then maybe Car Talk, and start Saturday with a spirit of adventure.  The kitchen is a place of enormous creativity and extreme mess.

Writing practice, too, encourages the messiness.  I struggle to “go there” with words, not so much dirty dishes, which I can accumulate like ants at a picnic.  Like fleas on a dog?


We practice when we practice.  Flipping, sipping, tripping over words.  It takes time.  Our next agenda item is Little League baseball.  Since the start of the season we’ve seen enormous progress.  Just a few weeks ago it seemed every single infield play being “an error” in grownup terms, as infield dribblers rolled through gaping legs, and flyballs were dropped as fearful outfielders shielded their faces from sun and popups.  Now, they almost seem to have strategy, or at least more skill as they get a player out at first, or argue about the call at second base.  The baseball season will progress.  Writing progresses.  There is growth and change in all of this.

Writing prompt:  Today I am learning to…

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