Lenten Challenge – Day 35

I am not running a marathon today.  Instead, it’s a day of planning and planting.  The holy week on the calendar calls me towards resetting the big intentions as rebirth beckons.  Again.

It’s also tax day – thanks to calendar anomalies.  Fortunately, all the paper work is done, and I am not preparing for the (typical) frantic rush before midnight.  The years have seen so much change, and now – the online processes make waiting in line at the post office seem so…quaint.  And distant.  Long ago when math was done on an adding machine with a roll of paper, and a plug into the socket on the wall.

Time seems to be moving so very quickly.  I’m finding myself angry and frustrated that some things are moving too fast.  While of course frantic and panic filled that other things are moving so slowly.  When I think of all the things that have changed (technologically) in my lifetime, it adds to the anxiety.  From rotary dial to cell phones.  The decline of paper newspapers, and when did I last go to a library for reference help instead of the well–known search engine?  Did I even notice the day when I dialed for the last time on a dial, or the last question I asked a person instead of typing in keywords?

These are changes that happen without ritual or story. And while the aging process offers moments and glimpses of nostalgia on occasion, there is always so much change that goes unnoticed.  So I will plant redwoods and I will savor the chance to pay cash for something that won’t be disposed of today.  My intentions for building on the writing practice with ink and paper, and a business with ritual at the heart will grow slowly, too!

Writing prompt:  I almost forgot….

plus one...


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