Lenten Challenge – Day 37

April 20 has been noted on the family calendar for some time.  It’s the day when our weekday farmer’s market returns!  Now, this town also has a year round Saturday market located on the mall parking lot, and it’s great to go and get delicious yum yums.  Many of the vendors are actually the same as the weekday market and the produce is seasonal, local.  When ever we go the people are friendly and we are able to get what we need.

Every Wednesday.....

But the weekday market is in the downtown area, close to our home, and designed more explicitly as a community gathering.  There are activities for the kids and the streets are closed for a bouncy house, wine tastings, dancing and strolling as people share dinner and gardening tips.  Our town is also very…diverse….by any measure you might make.   It’s wonderful to be able to be in a place where generations speaking many languages meet!  And, we have a chance to learn how to use this or that ingredient…direct newcomers to the great cupcake shop around the corner, learn about plans from civic leaders or help a mom navigating a stroller, two kids and three bags of fruits and vegetables.  It feels like a holiday of community spirit – and I’m glad 4/20 finally arrived!

Writing prompt:  My community offers…

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