Summer Vacation

My work doesn’t exactly allow for a “traditional” summer vacation, but as of today, my schedule has shifted into a lower gear.  The threshold to this new season included a four night/five day adventure with my folks in two new cities.  We just arrived home to rain (an unlikely companion to late May days in this region) and everything is a bit discombobulated.  So, I’m looking to a creative structure to take this liminal space into a time of new growth.  So…it’s back to the blog.  The intention this time is to track “my summer vacation” and return to the 2011 watch word of “visibility” that has been back burner-ed for the past 5 months. 

What I’d like to accomplish?  1.  Building a (modest) blogging identity.  2.  Staying in the swing of daily writing (to support the book project!).  3. Giving structure to the lazy days!  That said, I’m considering that between now and the Friday before Labor day weekend, a plan is set.   And I’m nothing if not stubborn when it comes to my writing challenges.  Join me?  I’ll share a writing prompt and encourage any comments here (or on your own blog!) so that I can create a more camp-like experience of creative community building.  Welcome!

Here goes nothing!

Writing Prompt:  What will you do on your summer vacation?


2 thoughts on “Summer Vacation

  1. I’m SO in. I’ve been trying to come up with a good way to build the daily writing habit (and not just writing and rejecting in my head), and I’m better with some external accountability. Will start tomorrow, as I’m out the door for Little League now.

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