One Strong Belief

I believe in the power of stories.  The ones we tell and remember.  The ones we hear again and again and forget.  Stories are a way of making sense, making meaning and making connection.  When I hear of your trials with planting a garden, I learn that I need to keep digging and trusting that something beautiful can bloom from the rocky earth under my feet.

My belief in stories guides much of my professional life – and has for year.  I doubt this is a belief that many would disagree with.  Stories are good.  They just happen to be central to my way in the world and not necessarily better than some other worthy pursuit, like fishing or marching or riding roller coasters.  Stories seems to be an adequate side dish for many.  For me, it’s strictly main course.

I’m inspired by stories because somehow I fell in love with words.  Early in life it seems.  Writing words and stories in early childhood (my self-legend includes prodigy images.)  I have had times when praise came for my thoughts on paper, which I suppose is as good a motivation as any for developing a belief.  Affirmation = Oh, yeah!  But more than that, stories are a way to make the world a little less lonely.  So I teach about the power of stories and seek to create times for storytelling through ritual.  Handing down tradition, innovating solutions, finding companions who can listen and being willing the hear.  The power of stories transforms lives and communities.  Telling the new story of the world as it might be inspires hope and sharing the story of love provides comfort when reality feels impossible to handle. 

Today’s #30trust prompt:  What’s one strong belief you possess that isn’t shared by your closest friends or family? What inspires this belief, and what have you done to actively live it?

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