These #30trust prompts are just not stirring much for me.  The premise of the challenge is allegedly related to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay “Self Reliance” but I kinda get the feeling that Emerson is very far in the background of such 21st century ruminations as the prompters and the bloggers posting these past few days.

I lived down the street from the Emerson homestead back in Concord, and hold a close association with the land, history and stories of the Transcendentalists.  I love the tales of friendship and curiosity and attempts at innovation in community made by these New England folks.  Their elitism, on the other hand,  not so compelling.  It is often noted that “just” reading Self Reliance without a lotta context leads to a glorifying of the ol’bootstraps philosophy.  Not to mention a wealth of  arrogance and narcissism that seems to seep through the the idea that a man might be an island after all.  But that’s not what he meant, or who Waldo was…

Emerson’s relationship with Margaret Fuller is especially fascinating to me, afterall, with the initials M.F. and the way she edited a newsletter (me, too!) and was seen as a sort of “smarty pants” more known for her mind than her beauty – I get all simpatico to my home girl.  Alas, no interest in replicating her Italian adventures or untimely boat trip…

Since this whole project is supposed to be about trusting oneself – it may well be that tomorrow, I just bag this particular writing challenge and return to the beat of my own drummer.   Meantime, I think I’ll have some chicken soup.  And a gingerale.

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