Monday Blues

Woke up with the sore throat, coughy, achey nearly summer but I feel like crap kinda cold!  Not a good start to the new week where accomplishment and adventure were on the agenda.  Instead, the day has unfolded as a pity party.  Not a hugely dramatic one, just low grade blue.  Achooo.

Tuesday will be the new Monday

On the other hand, I’m looking forward to Tuesday sunshine.  The temperate weather that should have arrived in March? April? May? is allegedly finally to arrive and stick around.  I’ve grown in my awareness of weather wimpiness, and blame 30 formative years of New England for that affliction.  It’s not really a joking matter, given the woes of the world related to climate change.  More reason to be blue-ish, of course.

The day did include some fun conversation, some productive moments of grading – and a lot of chicken soup.  I’m thankful for that and ready to hit the hay and push the reset button for the week.

Writing Prompt:  What color is your reset button?

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