We have a saying around these parts that has to do with seeking external validation to an extreme.  It’s “stop being an affirmation whore!”

Now I am willing to love myself as much as the next person, in a healthy emotional manner, seeking not to be needy of others approval and projection.  But gosh darn, sometimes it’s nice to be fawned over and praised by someone who isn’t me…or the “inner circle of trust…”  It takes so little to push me to the dark side of wanting more more more!

Just today, someone I REALLY admire wrote a simple facebook post mentioning me as an  “inspiring person… especially special” and seeking my attendance at a gathering.  And here I am, flying high!  Over the top, really with this tiny mention…and man, I want MORE of that bwhahahaah!

no matter how you spel it

It’s not like I’ve been feeling under appreciated of late – I’ve taken in some very nice compliments of my work and feel (moderately) humble and gracious in accepting that I have developed some skills and expertise worthy of affirmation.  But sometimes, there is this needy gremlin that wants feeding.  Purely ego, I suppose.  And maybe that’s not cool.  But right now,  I am wanting it to wash over me like a champagne fountain at the the World Series victory party!

This won’t last long.  I’ll be hungover and insecure, probably within seconds of hitting “publish.”  That’s how it is with affirmation whoring.  The high is followed by a rock bottom…but for a few more seconds…mama needs a fix.

Writing Prompt:  What’s great about YOU?  Write a love letter to your fabulous self!

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