I pull up the “new post” frame while the news plays on a local network affiliate.  Nothing reported is happy or hopeful seven minutes into the broadcast.  After a station break, the weather should bring a moment of hope.  Sunshine is predicted by everyone.  Logical me knows that the news is not about reporting civic minded information in a democracy, but about selling that ad space between sports and weather.  But there’s some illogical part of me that keeps watching.

Buh Bye

Periodically I find myself checking out – feeling guilty for not being a good citizen, but more alive spiritually.   When the “best” part of the news is mocking politicians, it strikes me as reminder it may be time for another sabbatical from this media onslaught of fear and creepy voyeurism.  I imagine more time for creative engagement.  Collages and weavings that I’ve promised for other might be completed.  I may sleep better, have energy for reading books.  Less impulse to hide under the covers.

The criminals, poison, earth in revolt and lurid political analysis will still be available.  I’m just thinking I can pass it by on the buffet for a while.  Maybe longer.  May it be so!

Writing Prompt:  I’m willing to let go of…

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