Didn’t sleep well last night.  Around 3 am, someone was screaming and yelling in the neighborhood.  Now, this is a regular occurrence, and so I don’t feel particularly un-neighborly or negligent in my civic duties when I tried to rollover and ignore it all.  We’re on the edge of an urban area where this type of thing, and this particular persons outbursts are …well…routine.  And despite this particular loud night, the neighborhood we live in now is so much more quiet than the apartment we lived in for years.  When we moved,  it was downright disconcerting when we heard so much SILENCE at night.  Had to get a noise machine.  To sleep.  Such a world!

The old place was very close to *Big University* and *world famous public park* and between frat boys and junkies, there was never a lack of people making noise..day and night.  Night and day.  Having to rouse people off the front doorstep at noon because their snoozing interfered with building egress.  Some version of “who do you think you are to kick me off the stoop after I vomited here!” was always a welcome greeting.  As were the dulcet tones of the half naked coeds slur/shouting out their proclamations of “I’m so wasted” as if we didn’t catch that from the aforementioned half naked-ness.  We even awoke (twice!) to the foot stomping and scurrying over head (we lived on the third story) those few days when our ROOF became a gang drop spot for (presumably) drugs.  Fortunately the distinctive “tagging” on the building made that an easy spot for the local patrols.  Lest I forget the car alarm/car-b-que/fire engines night followed by the “Oh Shit” my car is burned to a crisp morning discovery cries, or the routine sirens of the EMTs at the senior living facility across the way…or…the day before we closed on our new home when the Hazmat Team showed up, complete with head to toe Hazmat suits with breathing apparatus like in ET  and bullhorns shouting “Secure in place!  Close your windows and vents!” (yet forgetting to tell us “all clear”)…ah yeah, that was not a night of good sleep, either.  It’s so easy to forget  when one is sooo very tired…

My rambling is winding down now, and my pillow is calling me.  I am so sleepy, I’m sure I’ll sleep well tonight and Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

your eyelids are getting very heavy...you are very sleepy...so sleepy...ACK! YOU HAVE NO EYE LIDS!

Writing prompt:  My lullaby is….


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