Day Off

Didn’t meet the challenge of posting yesterday, but did work up an exciting business plan with friends (shhh…details will be forthcoming with yummy offerings, soon!).  Still, the blogging intention is carrying forth and a number of projects are super vitalized and flowing thanks to the practices of daily writing.  Or maybe thanks to coffee?  Either way:  I’m anxious.

One of the challenges of the spiritual entrepreneur is the frenetic “always working” focus of having ones heart and brain involved in the strategic, creative enterprise.  If I let go of posting one day I worry about losing momentum…does that mean I’m giving up the discipline altogether?  If I stop moving will a perpetual freeze set in?  Logic has nothing to do with this debate, rather, it’s an emotional striving and aspirational recurring theme.  Not what I seek to be – or teach.  But there it is:  the truth of the matter!

The Ups and Downs of it All

This weekend, I’m committing to finding the off switch and restoring sabbath time.  Furthermore (she proclaims!) with Cindy and Bobby as my witness, I will commit to building into this summer of “camp” some time to just let go of the need strive, and allow for some free play.   And maybe house work.  There’s got to be more balance for this Libra!

Writing Prompt:   When I let go of the doing I am being more…

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