It’s Complicated

The past few months have been…complicated.  More going on than I will write about even on a blog that no one reads.  And today was one of those days where everything was beautiful, amazing, exhausting, ridiculous and completely non-productive.  Even though there was at least one vital work-related  task to deal with, laundry and files and….

crunch crunch crunch

It feels like a minor miracle then, that after whipping up a truly delicious and nutritious dinner that click:  romantic comedy came up on the tv screen and 106 minutes of pure escapist delight.  The film was not “It’s Complicated” which I saw some months ago, and rather enjoyed.   The actual title really doesn’t matter at all.  What matters, I think is that it’s nearly bedtime now, and tomorrow will include the vital task, three meetings and at least a little laundry.  But for a moment, things are quite settled.  Maybe it’s not that all complicated after all.

 Writing Prompt:  I believe in simple things like…

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