Creeping Along

Summer has been slow to come into being.  The calendar gives it another week to fully arrive, but for me a taste of warm weather has finally made it possible to imagine that indeed winter may be over.  The work flow, which should have adjusted by now, hasn’t and that is concerning, too.  But, one warm day – and my spirits are soaring.  I aim to rest here for a while, before rushing into the lament at how quickly the days of summer fly by.

The work wrap up will (always) remain incomplete.  It’s part of the entrepreneurial spiritual cobbler life.   For the Professor part of me, semesters start to blur together, as evaluations and prep-work overlap.   Afterall,  I’m always trying to learn…and there’s always lesson planning.  Though a lot of that was accomplished today.  In the coaching and consulting realm, there’s the finding work part of the job that always takes time and attention.  Hopefully more routines though, and less catch up in the coming days.  Ok, over the next few weeks!

by any other name...

It is said that the shift of seasons in this part of the world is “subtle” but today, the creeping jasmine smells like summer is in bloom.  I’ll take it.

Writing Prompt:  I know that things have changed when…


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