Girl Time

Last night I got to spend time with a dear friend.   We perched ourselves at an out door cafe for dinner, then went to a second place a block away to enjoy dessert under star lit skies.  The food was so so, but the company – so very satisfying!  We first met when I originally arrived on this coast some 14 years ago (!?!?!) and soon found out we had much in common.  Through the ups and downs of the years we’ve laughed and cried and planned and cruised Ikea and seen more movies than I can recall…mostly good time.  But not always.  The texture of a long friendship is rich with stories, regrets, anticipation and miracles.

As I drove home, a huge full moon appeared.  Seemed like a Goddessy blessing.  Giving thanks all day today for all my good divas who can pick up the conversation like “it was only yesterday” even as seasons pass and our lives are separated by miles and life’s distractions.

Writing Prompt:  If you knew me for a long, long time you’d know…

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